St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Mass is livestreamed at 11.30am on Sundays.

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Holy Mass is celebrated in the Cathedral at the following times:
Sunday: 8am, 10am, 11.30am & 6.30pm. The Cathedral is closed after the 11.30am Mass until 5.30pm
Monday– Friday: 12.05pm. The Cathedral opens at 11am & closes immediately after mass/confessions.
Saturday: 10am. The Cathedral opens at 9am & closes after mass.

With the exception of 2020, on the Memorial of the Holy Souls, 2nd November, it has become an annual tradition at the Cathedral to light candles in remembrance of our departed loved ones. This year on Tuesday 2nd November candles will again be lit and displayed on the sanctuary steps throughout the day.
Should you wish to sponsor a memorial candle, please use one of the envelopes marked for this purpose, which are now available at the back of church.
• Write the name of the person or persons on the label which you will find inside the envelope. Extra labels can be included should you wish to sponsor one or more candle.
• Replace the completed label/labels together with an offering (minimum suggested donation of £3 per candle) in the envelope and seal it.
• Hand in the envelope to one of the door stewards at Mass or place it in the donation box, you may also hand it in at the Pauline Books and Media.

• The use of hand sanitiser should continue on entry/exit.
• It is no longer necessary to have a one-way system around the church.
• Pews will not be blocked off, but the 1m social distancing rule is still in force between households/bubbles.
• The Lady Altar aisle pews (tower side of the Cathedral) will be kept at 2m distancing for those who wish to remain further apart. Some pews will be blocked off.
• Individual chairs must be kept at 1m apart.
• The use of face coverings is recommend, they MUST be worn when communal singing takes place.
• The Offertory Procession may take place (those taking part must sanitise hands before/after)
• The sign of peace remains suspended.
• The arrangements for Holy Communion are to stay the same.
• Readers will now use the ambo to proclaim the readings/bidding prayers.
• Churches will be deep cleaned once weekly and pew ends and touch points will be cleaned regularly after use.

The Six Thirty Music Group celebrate their 30th anniversary this weekend. Every Sunday for the past 30 years they have been providing music for the 6.30pm Evening Mass. The founding members are still part of the current group, but over the years more than 50 others have since joined and moved on. New musicians are always most welcome. They have a friendly, relaxed approach and indeed only rehearse before the Mass so the commitment isn’t too onerous. If any of you, amongst the congregation, think you might be interested we would be delighted if you came over and had a chat with the group after Mass.
Huge thanks to all members of the group, past and present for their commitment and for enhancing the liturgical life of the Cathedral for these 30 years...and for many more to come!

Opening times are Monday-Saturday 10am-3pm and Sunday 10am-2pm.

Opening hours: Sunday 8:30am - 1pm; Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10am - 4.30pm; Saturday 9:45am - 1pm